Sliding Wardrobes


Our sliding doors are all made to order and are available in many colours, finishes and configurations.

There are 6 standard Configurations or you can create your own with a bespoke door.

Click the download button below to get your own self design sheet to send to me for a quote.

You can take a copy or photo of the completed sheets and email them back to me at: or whatsapp it to me on 07434 408 916

You can see more ideas at Volante or Download the brochure here

Suedes and mirrors

They can be made with single panels for a simple look or maybe a full height Mirror.

examples ConfigA1
examples ConfigA2
examples ConfigA

You can split the doors up into different panels, Configuration B, 3 equal Sizes, for example:


Configuration C Letterbox Style examples:


Configuration C Bespoke (Mid section Top set to Middle)

Examples Config C Bespoke1
Examples Config C Bespoke2
Examples Config C Bespoke

Configuration D, 4 way equal split. This can give a ‘Japanese’ kind of look

examples ConfigD 3 grey
examples ConfigD 2 colour
examples ConfigD 1 mirror

Configurations E and F, 5 or 6 panel construction:

examples Config E 1
examples Config E 3
examples config F

Internals: We can design the internal storage to suit you. Popular choices are Full and Double hanging. You can choose shelving, drawers, top shelving for duvets or boxes, shoe pullouts. We have integrated a desk space, ironing board storage or for a hoover.

Remember when planning your wardrobe, the space should be split up to sections behind each door.


  • Lighting can be added too!


Sliding door internals with backs
Sliding door internals